Blake Halladay

James Blake Halladay

Born and raised in the town of Grimsby, Ontario ( gateway to Niagara ).

Friday, March 13th, 1964

A small town guy with big town dreams....

Played piano from age 4, I played some trumpet in a big band setting throughout school.

Had limited exposure to guitar as a child then picked it up later in college. Have always sang to the radio since I could hear. I have a knack for recalling melodies and lyrics of numerous songs without sheet music. Iíve always been around music as my parentís both played piano and sang in the church choir. As did I in the Jr Choir. My older brother Ed was proficient on the piano and rock drums.

I watched and learned from the sidelines through my youngest years as he played in different bands. Later in life my brother and I enjoyed countless hours of jamming to all the old 70ís rockers Like Zeppelin and Sabbath, and the next generation of heavy; Metallica and even on to some of the grundgier stuff of the 90ís and on.

My taste of music was much more diverse on a personal level, enjoying the story telling of folky rock like Neil Young and Eagles as well the more progressive and psychedelic sounds of Pink Floyd, Genesis, SAGA, SuperTramp etc.... letís not forget Lynyrd Skynyrd, all around. I love all music ...

Iíve always had a soft spot for the acoustic interludes and b sides of all the great bands. My brother in-law and life long friend Scott first showed me some chords on his acoustic guitar. which started an unquenchable thirst to play. We spent days just making stuff up and learning cool intro lines to Yes songs etc.. This also led to several years of shopping at the music store - in comes Mr Fender, Gibson and Marshall stack... LOL !!

So while trying to carry chunky rhythm guitar and screaming all the crazy stuff for my brother to drum to I strengthened my abilities for singing and playing at the same time. However, no virtuoso on either.

Like many people who play guitar or piano etc I started to write my own songs.

I would slip them in here and there around the campfire and see if anyone would notice. I get most inspiration from life, I am very passionate about everything I do and all that I have seen and done. I get a kick out of adding catch phrases to my songs that I hear friends use. As well I have dug into the darker sides of this life and death experience and have found it to be a healing way to express myself. And I love the real connection I get with someone who shares a common experience expressed in my song.

My 1st goal is to remain an acoustic singer/songwriter and performer.
My 2nd goal is to have my songs officially published for sale and heard.

Goal 1 is well underway... booking gigs and starting to get paid better.
Goal 2 ...... as of May 18th 2012 my first professional Demo CD with 5 varied songs became available.
January 2013 I have released a 10 song acoustic session CD Rough Tracks
Next .... ??

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